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Dean Whillier

For the internet to be successful, it needs to first and foremost be usable. With the exponential increase in available information and the broadening landscape of internet enabled devices, the cognitive load required of an end user continues to increase while the availability of time to consume and understand said information continues to decrease! Fortunately, device and web capabilities have greatly improved allowing for the conception, design and development of web properties that can actually reduce complexity and cognitive load, all while creating a better, more usable and engaging experience.

It is to this end that I am continually striving for! I am dedicated to the conception, planning, designing, developing and launching of web properties that provide an optimal end-user experience while balancing the needs of business, analytics, optimization, accessibility, performance and technology. Such an experience facilitates access to information that is tailored to end-user needs and is delivered, in an appropriately responsive manner, to whatever device is being used for access, be it a traditional desktop browser, a modern smart phone or any one of the many internet-enabled devices on the market. When it comes to information access over the internet, I believe we should be striving to produce experiences that treat all forms of access as equally as possible!

This goal necessitates a change in the way we approach many aspects of building web properties, from how a team interacts at the various stages of a digital project’s lifespan, to the inputs that inform a visual design, to the techniques and technologies used to code a website. Over the last 16+ years, I have gained valuable experience in visual design, multimedia design and development, eLearning, web development and more recently in user experience design and experience strategy design. Combined with an innate problem solving ability as well as a love for user-centric technologies, these experiences enable me to more effectively work within a team setting to lead the design and implementation of solutions that solve client challenges focused on the end-user experience.

To some it all up, I thrive on making the internet a better place to browse!
Past Experience

Associate Director, Digital Solutions - quarry.com
Web Solutions Developer - quarry.com
Senior Graphic Designer - eSolutionsGroup.ca
Intermediate Graphic Designer - craworld.com


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Kitchener Ontario N2E 4E1

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Strategic Consulting
Information Architecture
Graphic Design
PHP Developer


York University, Toronto, Canada

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