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Eric Lamb

mithra62 was founded in 2011 by Eric Lamb as an online repository for his side projects and quickly took a life of its own. Starting out, mithra62 exclusively served other CMS communities selling products like Backup Pro and other plugins/modules directly to developers. But now, after over 4 years in business, mithra62 has Backup Pro for 5 CMSs, but also VITY, a marketplace for growing your brand.

Eric Lamb, though, the man behind mithra62, has been developing websites and online applications since the heady days of 2002 where we had silly nonsense like DHTML, Netscape Navigator, IE4, and NO standards or technologies like jQuery, JSON, Ajax. or off the shelf software. A time where it was not only acceptable, but also encouraged, to label your site with "This site best used in IE 3+" banners. And let's not forget about ActiveX Controls... *shudder*.

Eric started doing web development for the fitness industry in 2002 eventually ending up in the entertainment industry, working for a marketing company in Los Angeles as Director of Technology at StreetWise Concepts & Culture, before going into contract work full time in 2010. Eric has done work for Warner Brothers, Activision, Nokia, FUEL TV, and a bunch of other fancy schmancy companies.
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