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John Liddiard

With concreteCMS I offer pretty much anything from complete sites to emergency repairs, specialising in advanced development as a service to projects and for my own portfolio of addons. I balance this with my other business as an underwater photographer and journalist. Web and diving work provide a good balance between home and away, especially with global communications.

For support of my addons and themes, please use the 'Get Help' link on the respective marketplace page.

Notifications of private messages and support requests can be unreliable. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please email directly - contact details at

If you would like to discuss a project please use email - see for contact details.

For any other discussion, Private Messages or email are fine - whichever suits.
Past Experience

Pretty much everything to do with IT and software engineering at some point: real time, embedded systems, avionics, secure, safety critical, defence, management information, c3i, logistics, kernel ports, cryptography, methodologies, standards and procedures. All roles from programming through to project management, research, project reviews, audits, training and strategic consultancy.


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56 Oakfield Road
United Kingdom

0117 9736770
Current Specialties

Project Management
Strategic Consulting
Information Architecture
PHP Developer
Traditional Marketing
General Problem Solver


Too much for my own good.

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