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Justin Peterson

Enlil (En•lil) - Mesopotamian / Sumerian God
Web Developer #ConcreteCMS
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I first gained interest in programing in the mid 80's. As a teenager, I was able to write a batch file, compile it to an executable and wreak havoc on anyone's computer who daringly installed the game that came with the bug... Lets not talk about hacking the DOS based administrative system in high school, then installing Tank Wars and Tetris on the server for all of everyone's lunchtime bliss :D (Probably a federal crime now ??) Ahhh, the good 'ol DOS days :)

My web design efforts began in 2006 when I needed a site for a window cleaning business I owned. Today, I continue my desire to learn and develop exclusively with Concrete CMS!!


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Madison, Wisconsin
United States

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PHP Developer


Life's an education. Teach yourself something.

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