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Glenn Barres

The Impact People.

Watch me code at
Past Experience

Designed and developed a replicated web site management system for a popular MLM.('00)
Created helpdesk applications that integrated into current CRM app and provided support interface for over a 200 thousand customers and over a million websites.('01)
Created billing and usage tracking system for a local telephone company.('01-02)
Built Meta-Search engines before Google's time ('96)
Built and maintained ('98)
Extensive experience in building customer-driven applications ('96 - Now)
Development experience was gained while working for marketing and advertising focused companies.
Designed and co-developed a custom CMS and social network in-a-box web app.('06)

... the list goes on lol

For more info on my current and professional background, please check out my LinkedIn page at


eMarketing Association Network
The Forever Wealth Club
Open Source Invent
Plan USA
Game Nation


PO Box 2159
Fort Myers, Florida 33902
United States

Current Specialties

Project Management
Strategic Consulting
Information Architecture
Graphic Design
PHP Developer


Hard-knocks, Some College, Hands-On Experience since '96


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