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John J Oleksiw Jr

Website administrator/developer for a co-op community and a non-profit.

Learned how to build a website from scratch using Bootstrap for the co-op. Now developing a new website that;requires maintenance to be done by members of the non-profit with no programming experience. Evaluated a lot of CMS and Wiki options; selected Concrete5 because it is easy to use and customize for "editors" while "developers" like myself can customize and extend it's functionality.
Past Experience

40 years experience in Corporate IT. Retiring 7/6/2020!

Extensive technical writing experience, especially step-by step procedures in user manuals.

Expert level programming skills in multiple languages, most recently Perl and Python; proficient using Bash, Powershell, Javascript, PHP, and SQL queries. Used many source code management tools; Enterprise GitHub is the standard now.

Recent experience coding AWS lambda functions and Django python modules. Expert in configuring advanced Zabbix monitoring. In-depth knowledge of SNMP.


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PHP Developer


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