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David Gibson

I specialise in trouble shooting and upgrading older versions of the Concrete Content Management System (CMS).

If your hosting company has forced a PHP update that is breaking your site, I can help.

My ‘No Risk Method’ of working.

I don’t ask for any payments up front (no deposits) if I cannot repair or upgrade your site you pay nothing.

I do require access to the server so that I can copy the existing files and database; these are loaded to my development server for testing and repairing/upgrading.

When I have completed the repair/upgrade, I will load the files and database to a temporary domain on a live server for your approval.

Once you have inspected and approved the repair/upgrade I will send you an invoice.

When the invoice has been paid I will replace your existing files and database on your server.

Send me a Private Message (PM) for further details or answers to your questions.
PLEASE NOTE I am based in the UK
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